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 How to report

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Matthew Stacy

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PostSubject: How to report    Sun Nov 21, 2010 6:48 pm

Reporting is simple, to report another member they have to be doing something bad such as flamming which is an arguement in the topic. If you see people flamming please post the link to the topic. If someone if using inappropriate language just post a screenshot or post a link to the topic. Spamming is simply people just typing random stuff, if more than 3 smilies is used per post it is considered a spam and a warning will be issued. If anyone posts a link to a site if it't not about Lady Antebellum a warning will be issued. But if anyone don't listen then a 3 day ban will be issued! If anyone asks for your account information please send me, another admin, or a moderator the pm. Thats how to report.Thanks!
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How to report
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